NEXT is about us as an industry and how we move it forward together. It's about learning, collaborating, pushing boundaries, and preparing for what's NEXT for our businesses and customer experiences. It's about writing the NEXT chapters of who we are and where we're going while creating the story lines that evolve us as a whole.

At TravelNet Solutions, our Mission is to Transform the Way Hospitality Works, and NEXT was born out of the desire to do a partner conference differently. Hospitality is changing and now is the time to lead and to win at what's NEXT.

Be a part of writing the NEXT chapter of the story.

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Competition is more fierce and ruthless than ever before. Billions of dollars are flooding the market, innovative disruptors, changing business models and evolving consumers are wreaking havoc on balance sheets. At TravelNet, we provide enterprise hospitality companies with frictionless integrated software and marketing solutions built for the most demanding of organizations. We partner with those that value continual innovation and transformation as a key strategy in the race for relevance. Find out how we can help you to Transform How Hospitality Works.

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