Takeaway of Women in Hospitality

HFTP – HITEC 2019 is underway in Minneapolis, Minnesota and TravelNet Solutions had the opportunity to kick off the week long event with 12 powerful women attending the first annual Women in Hospitality Luncheon. Moderator, Donna Hale, lead the discussion providing insight on confidence, work/life balance, and the future of women in the hospitality industry.

“Providing networking and educational opportunities to the Women at TravelNet Solutions is a key component to help shape the future of a diverse leadership team in a male dominated space,” expressed Jen Manwarren, Vice President of Operations.


The Luncheon is coming to an end, with full intention to go out with a bang, the question on the other end of the microphone echoes, “How do you sit at the leadership table as the only woman and state your opinion without sounding like a B****?” All 100 attendees eyes widen at the use of language and then laughter broke out in the room. We were all thinking how true that statement is. As a young, innovative, woman new to the hospitality industry, having a strong opinion can be daunting when presenting to leadership. The panel answered this question with flying colors. If you are confident and present in a professional manner, the last thing you should be worried about is how others view you.

“Be bold, brave, and confident in being you,” is one of the biggest takeaways TraveNet Solutions, Bobbie Turner, took from the Luncheon. If you are in a position to make an educated comment, you are in that position because your opinion is valued.

Work/Life Balance

Being a leader in hospitality is demanding, being a leader in technology is demanding, putting the two together can be hard to juggle a balance with raising a family and work. The panel addressed that having a strong support system is extremely important.

It was made very evident that women leaders do not feel as if they worked harder to get where they are compared to men, they feel as if shutting off work is mentally more challenging. Women tend to be emotional and organized creatures by nature, making that decision to separate work and life more complicated. Defining that line is detrimental to becoming a woman at the leadership table.

The Future of Women in Hospitality

In a male dominated space, it was made clear at the Women’s Luncheon that  many strong and powerful women are serving as mentors in the Hospitality industry and will continue to do so. Continuing to provide support for one another and empowerment is the future of Women in Hospitality.


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